Bigg Boss written update17.10.2023: Mannara Cried, Abhisek and Arun Fight on Fart story

Bigg Boss 17 all contestants written update 17.10.2023
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Bigg Boss House Updates 17.10.2023 :

The day started with everyone waking up to the energetic beats of the Bigg Boss theme song “Badal Gae Hai Din.”

A light-hearted moment occurred as Arun and Abhishek engaged in a discussion about a rather unusual topic – farting. Their conversation turned into a humorous joke, bringing some laughter to the house.

Abhishek took a moment to remind Soniya that her visibility in the house was largely due to him. Perhaps a friendly reminder, or perhaps some underlying tension?

Ankita shared a snippet of her love story, recounting how she and Abhishek crossed paths through a mutual friend. The housemates listened intently to this personal tale.

Things took a contentious turn when Abhishek playfully suggested that Arun felt awkward farting in front of the ladies. This led to a heated argument between the two.

Abhishek’s temper flared again, this time with Sunny getting in the middle of a dispute between Abhishek and Arun.

Firoza Khan aka Khanzaadi found herself hurt by the escalating conflict between Abhishek and Sunny, which seemed to involve the whole house.

Bigg Boss couldn’t help but observe a pattern in Abhishek’s behavior – he seemed to be the center of numerous disputes and disagreements in the house.

After a collective discussion, the housemates confronted Abhishek about his behavior, expressing their concerns. Abhishek seemed to realize his fault, grew calmer, and apologized, explaining that his intention was merely to help Arun overcome his awkwardness.

In a surprising twist, Bigg Boss called Ankita into the therapy room and provided her with audio therapy, presumably aimed at offering her support and guidance.

Firoza Khan aka Khanzaadi showcased her rapping skills, leaving all the contestants impressed and appreciative of her talent.

During Ankita’s therapy session, Bigg Boss emphasized the importance of preserving her individuality in the house.

In House 1, Mannara was deemed a casting mistake by everyone, leading to her nomination for elimination in week 1.

In House 2, all the contestants voted against Navid, deeming him a casting mistake. This nomination left Navid in tears.

In House 3, Khanzadi and Abhishek found themselves nominated by their fellow contestant but Abhishek was nominated for week 1 elimination.

Therefore Mannara, Navid, and Abhishek were nominated from three houses

Mannara was visibly upset, feeling betrayed by Vicky, who had apparently spoken against her with the other contestants.

Bigg Boss called Mannara and Munawar into the confession room once more, where Munnara was seen crying.

To lighten the mood, Bigg Boss asked Munawar to recite a Shayari on the current situation which was apt for the situation.

Bigg Boss pointed out that Munawar was often over-explaining things to everyone in the game, a point Munawar agreed to.

Munawar was given a letter by Bigg Boss and asked to read it in front of everyone.

Ankita felt hurt by Jigna Ji’s body language when she asked to move out of her room, but Jigna Ji later apologized.

Munawar and Soniya faced some good-natured teasing when Soniya mentioned being flat on Munawar’s smile.

A verbal altercation erupted between Mannara and Isha, with Isha accusing Mannara of being self-obsessed and having an awkward nature. Munawar stepped in, advising Mannara to stay strong and embrace her positive nature to stay happy.

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