Bigg Boss Season 17 Episode 07 Highlights 23.10.2023: Ankita & Vicky ki Ladai

Bigg Boss Season 17 Episode 07 Highlights 23.10.2023
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The day started with dance.

Bigg Boss Season 17 Episode 07 Highlights 23.10.2023
Bigg Boss Season 17 Episode 07 Highlights 23.10.2023

The house is becoming Khanzaddi vs House

Everyone fought with Khanzaddi and Sana said “Khanzaddi roz kitchen mei aati aur tab tak rehti hai jab tak bhagai nai jaati” On this everyone laughed.

Khanzaddi said to Vicky that Ankita taunts her whenever she is nearby to which Vicky said that she is from Dum House so she should show the dum.

Anurag, Tehelka said that only TV stars are highlighted in this show, and only couples are shown in the show.

Now the dum house is thinking that house duties need to be changed.

Anurag is playing the game of divide, he is putting a thought in everyone in the house that Bigg Boss is only highlighting TV stars.

Bigg Boss told Anurag he wanted screen time so he was told to sit alone in the sitting area.

Bigg Boss said that Anurag is telling everyone that his Bigg Boss is biased toward TV stars.

Bigg Boss scolded Anurag in front of everyone and told him he is a boring person in the house he also pointed out that Arun and Tehelka are also boring in the house.

Munawar and Anurag cried remembering their mother.

Arun lifted Navid and said bhai bohot mota hai ye and said meri pichwade ki haddi mei dard ho gaya.

Abhishek was offended by Munawar and told him not to joke with him anymore and told Munawar that even a shot is more expensive than his full video.

Neil shouted at everyone when nobody was listening to him politely, and said everyone should pick their plates themselves.

Ankita told Vicky not to speak with Khanzaddi as everyone is telling her that only Vicky is speaking with Khanzaddi and this is affecting her.

Soniya told Mannara that she doesn’t know if she is the strongest contestant but she is sure that Mannara is the most entertaining person.

Vicky and Ankita were fighting on the topic that Ankita always shows face whenever he talks to everyone. Vicky was very angry with Ankita as she always showed tantrums.Both decided not to speak.

Arun, Tehelka fought with Abhishek when Abhishek said he will not do any house work.

Bigg Boss tells everyone not to speak with Abhishek till he tells everyone as a gesture of punishment for Abhishek when he provoked Arun and Tehelka by not doing any task in the house.

Ankita said she has to rethink her life again, and the show has taught her many things. Vicky was offended by this and told Ankita to play her game individually and not speak with him and dictate to him what to do.

Ankita told Mannara and Munawar to be brother and sister. As their name sounds similar and also means the same i.e. Shining

The Show ended.

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