Bigg Boss written update season 17: Weekend ka Vaar | No elimination in week-1 | 22.10.2023

Bigg Boss written update 22.10.2023
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Kangna Ranaut Arrival in Show

Kangna Ranaut graced the show with her presence, starting things off with a bang. The highlight of the show was when Salman Khan joined her, and they shared a warm hug, setting the stage for an exciting episode.

Kangna appeared on the show primarily to promote her film, “Tejas,” creating a buzz among the viewers.

Salman Khan displayed his playful side when Kangna asked him to showcase his flirting skills, adding a touch of humor and entertainment.

Arun hinted at someone running a political party, subtly referring to Vicky, sparking curiosity among the guests.

Salman asked Aishwarya

Who is not suitable for Dimag house she told Soniya on which Isha also agreed

Ankita told Munawar is the biggest attention seeker in the house.

Bigg Boss written update

Ankita told Khanzaadi is disturbing the vibe of the house but Mannara disagreed.

Mannara told Isha is the most insecure in the house, as she is a yes person, on this Aishwarya disagreed.

Mannara said that Vicky is different inside and outside on this Munawar disagreed

Isha told Khanzaadi is the most annoying in the house.

Jigna told Ankita lacks common sense, attention, and patience, on this Neil doesn’t agree completely

Sana told Isha lacks filter, akal, and confidence.

Soniya told Aishwarya that she lacks confidence and common sense on which Rinku disagreed

Anurag told Mannara that she lacks many things in Dimaag. He told Mannara lacks her stand. He told she lacks akal, common sense, and confidence.

Salman told Mannara is more visible than Anurag in this house on which everyone laughed.

Tehelka bhai told Abhishek doesn’t know how to speak with girls, Munawar is like chota baccha and is batameez.

Munawar told tehelka bhai is dogla and fattu. And told Khanzaadi is batameez.

The guests began sharing their insights about their fellow housemates. Notable remarks included Ankita’s observation that Munawar is the biggest attention-seeker and Isha’s finding Khanzaadi to be the most annoying.

In the midst of discussions, Mannara was seen shedding tears, while Khanzaadi shared the personal reasons behind her occasional anger, creating emotional moments in the show.

Best Jodi Competition:

Salman organized a competition to determine the best Jodi (couple) in the house. The guests voted, with Ankita and Vicky securing the majority of the votes.

Gippy Grewal and Tanu made an appearance to promote their film “Mauja he Mauja” on Salman’s show, adding a dose of star power to the episode.

No Elimination:
In a surprising twist, Salman declared that no one would be eliminated that week, leaving the audience in suspense about what’s to come.

Chemistry Test:
Kangna organized a chemistry test for the couples in the house, leading to intriguing interactions and potentially sparking new connections.

Dazzling Dance Performances:
Ankita and Vicky grooved to “Hungama ho gaya,” while Neil and Aishwarya showcased their dance moves on “Sadi Gali,” providing lively entertainment.

Protective Bonds:
Several guests expressed their protective instincts towards others in the house, emphasizing their strong connections and bonds.

Munawar Said he wanted to protect Mannara from Vicky

Mannara said she wanted to protect Navid from Tehelka

Aishwarya said she will protect Neil from Vicky

Ankita said she would protect Isha.

Vicky said he will protect Isha from Abhishek

Tehelka said she will protect Sana from Munawar

Navid said she will protect Sana

Jigna wants to protect Rinku from Khanzaadi

Sana wanted to protect Navid from Vicky

Khanzaadi wanted to protect Abhishek from Isha

Abhishek wanted to protect Isha from Khanzaadi

Everyone did Garba after that

Discussions arose among Anurag, Jigna, and Tehelka about the division of screen time between TV personalities and others. Kangna’s favoritism towards Ankita and Vicky added fuel to the debate.

Sana candidly shared that Munawar openly flirted with her. She asserted her boundaries, highlighting the importance of respecting personal limits.


The show wrapped up with a mix of celebrity gossip, personal revelations, emotional moments, entertaining performances, and a hint of drama. With no eliminations, the suspense continues for viewers eagerly awaiting the next episode, where the drama and camaraderie within the celebrity house are sure to take center stage.

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