Bigg Boss 17 written update Weekend ka Vaar with Salman Khan 21.10.2023

Bigg Boss 17 week 1
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Salman introduced Tiger and Kriti to promote their movie “Ganpat.”

Bigg Boss 17 written update

They all danced to the song from “Ganpat,” and Salman praised Kriti for winning a national award.

Salman mentioned that in the history of Bigg Boss, no one had ever paid attention to his advice.

Ankita and Mannara had a conversation where Ankita expressed that she didn’t need Mannara’s support but wanted her understanding.

Neil and Abhishek reconciled by hugging, resolving a prior misunderstanding when Abhishek had offended Neil during a discussion about TV personalities being theatrical.

Salman Khan asked everyone to name the biggest liar in the house.

A video was shown in which Isha appeared to be using Abhishek for her own benefit. After watching the video, everyone deemed Isha to be untruthful.

Salman advised Abhishek to be emotionally strong and told Isha that she is using Abhishek for her convenience. Following Salman’s statement, everyone retreated to their rooms.

Abhishek and Isha had a discussion and decided to put their past behind them and interact normally.

Ankita and Mannara talked about their misunderstandings, with Mannara suggesting that Vicky was one of the causes of their discord. Mannara became emotional when Ankita cautioned her not to criticize someone’s character. Mannara compared Isha to Ankita’s assistant and questioned her loyalty to her boyfriend.

Mannara told Abhishek that they hadn’t seen the Bigg Boss house as it was depicted in the weekend ka vaar video.

After their argument, Ankita and Mannara reconciled by hugging and kissing.

Tiger Shroff and Kriti Senon visited the show to promote their movie “Ganpat.”

Bigg Boss introduced a new Theater room in the Bigg Boss house and called Dum house members into the Theater.

Tiger and Kriti asked Munawar, Rinku, Abhishek, Tehelka, and Khanzaadi for their opinions.

Munawar felt that Aishwarya, Sana, and Tehelka were not doing well in the house and told them to be a flop trailer.

Tehelka believed that Ankita, Navid, and Abhishek were underperforming.

Abhishek thought that Aishwarya, Arun, and Tehelka were not doing well.

Rinku believed that Aishwarya, Sana, and Khanzaadi were struggling.

Khanzaadi felt that Ankita, Sana, and Abhishek were not performing up to par.

Rinku had an argument with Khanzaadi over her comment about not being able to do Nautanki because she wasn’t a TV star. This statement caused disagreement among all the TV actors.

The show came to an end.

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