Bigg Boss 17 written update: 20.10.2023 Day 5

Bigg Boss 17 written update 20.10.2023
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Soniya and Mannara had an argument in the kitchen. Soniya called Mannara brainless, but Mannara asked Soniya not to provoke her.

Ankita and Aishwarya also had an argument. Ankita mentioned that she didn’t like Aishwarya’s personality and felt she was insecure. They later resolved their misunderstanding and hugged each other.

Soniya told Bigg Boss that they made the wrong choice by blaming Mannara for the argument.

Mannara responded by saying that she, unlike others, wasn’t a last-minute addition to Bigg Boss.

Mannara was uncomfortable discussing her past and her relationship with Priyanka Chopra.

Mannara and Munawar talked about how asking personal questions about her was unintentional.

Ankita felt jealous when Vicky offered fruits to others instead of her. She told Vicky that he doesn’t take her opinions seriously.

Vicky and Ankita had a conversation. Vicky mentioned that Ankita restricts him and makes faces when he doesn’t do things her way. He also questioned why they came to the show if she wanted all his time and suggested there’s no solution to satisfy her.

Bigg Boss 17 written update

Mannara and Munawar discussed life, and Munawar advised Mannara not to trust Vicky if she didn’t want to.

Isha and Abhishek decided to play a game together because they share a bond in the .

Abhishek and Khanzaadi talked about Khanzaadi’s argument with Isha. Abhishek explained that he got involved because Khanzaadi called Isha ugly.

Khanzaadi accused Abhishek of physically assaulting her, but Ankita and Isha disagreed with this accusation. They believed that if Abhishek had done that, Bigg Boss would have intervened.

The argument between Khanzaadi and Abhishek led to a dispute between Isha, Ankita, and Khanzaadi, who felt ganged up on and accused of making issues out of everything.

Arun disagreed with Ankita when she claimed the TV was theirs. Vicky intervened to stop the argument between Arun and Ankita.

Neil stood up for Ankita when Vicky pushed him, resulting in a fight that was eventually stopped by other house members.

After the fight, the house was divided. Youtubers Tehelka (Sunny), Arun, and Anurag believed that TV stars shouldn’t think they were the sole reason for Bigg Boss’s success.

The YouTubers were unhappy with Munawar for not taking a stand for the YouTube community, and this marked the end of the show.

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