Bigg Boss written Update: 18.10.2023 Day 3

Bigg Boss 17 all contestants written update 17.10.2023
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Title: “Bigg Boss Written Update for 18.10.2023 in the Bigg Boss House: Drama, Conflicts, and Heartfelt Moments”

In the latest episode of Bigg Boss, the house was filled with a mix of laughter, conflicts, and emotional conversations. Let’s dive into the highlights of what went down:

Sunny’s Quirky Humor:

  • Sunny lightened the mood in the house by claiming he has 45,000 rupees socks and a collection of 29 lakh jackets.
  • He entertained everyone with his witty jokes, by saying, “Saturday, Sunday, Monday, sabse best hai, Ankita Lokhande!”

Hindi Lessons with Sunny and Arun:

  • Sunny and Arun took it upon themselves to teach Hindi to their fellow housemate, Navid, in a fun and interactive way.

Khanzaadi’s Attempts at Impressing Abhishek:

  • Khanzaadi made efforts to impress Abhishek, sparking some interest within the house.

Abhishek’s Lingering Feelings:

  • Abhishek opened up to Munawar, sharing that he still has deep feelings for Isha. He couldn’t help but think about her, despite having promised his family that he would try to ignore her.

Neil and Aishwarya’s Date Therapy:

  • Bigg Boss sent Neil and Aishwarya to the Garden of Roses for a date therapy session. Bigg Boss expressed concern about their seeming disconnect.
  • Neil revealed that there were people trying to create issues for them by speaking behind their backs.
  • Aishwarya admitted her discomfort discussing others and her mood swings. Neil suggested that they discuss more and share their opinions with one another.
Bigg Boss written Update
Bigg Boss written Update

Strength and Support:

  • Bigg Boss advised Neil and Aishwarya to be each other’s strength and support in the house. and asked Neil and Aishwarya about their plan for surviving the 100-day journey in the Bigg Boss house.

Neil and Aishwarya named Ankita, Vicky, Mannara, and Arun as the housemates they found boring. This led to a warning from Bigg Boss that they had a very boring impression in the house and no one takes them as a threat and told them about the need to actively engage, as they had a considerable fan following.

Conflicts over the Tasks assigned in the House:

  • Isha and Mannara had a heated argument about discussing Abhishek and Isha in each other’s conversations.
  • Abhishek and Ankita engaged in a dispute over dietary choices, specifically the consumption of eggs.
  • Soniya and Jigna clashed over kitchen menu decisions, with Khanzaadi raising her voice during the argument.
  • Abhishek, Khanzaadi, and Soniya discussed misunderstandings related to the tasks assigned to them.
  • Aishwarya and Anurag had a heated argument, with Aishwarya expressing her desire not to be continuously dictated to.

Teamwork and Task Repetition:

  • The housemates gathered together to discuss and reiterate the tasks assigned to them, covering work related to garden cleaning, cooking, and washing utensils.

Emotions Running High:

  • Jigna couldn’t hold back her tears following her disagreement with Khanzaadi and Soniya, vowing to show them how to play the game.
  • Isha and Khanzaadi had a dispute when Khanzaadi took issue with Isha whispering during a conversation with Abhishek. Body-shaming comments were exchanged, leading to tensions in the house.

The episode concluded with a mix of emotions, making it clear that drama and heartfelt moments are always on the horizon in the Bigg Boss house.

The episode ended with Munawar talking on camera and telling Bigg Boss that there is no misfit contestant in the house and it is going to be fun to play this game in the upcoming days.

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