Bigg Boss 17 written update : 16.10.2023

Bigg Boss 17 all contestants
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At 2:45 AM:

The episode kicked off with a heated discussion about room allocation among the contestants.

Abhishek got into a shouting match with Isha, firmly asserting that he would decide on his room without needing input from anyone, and will only tell about his room when Bigg Boss will ask.

This clash between Abhishek and Isha reminded viewers of the fiery encounter that took place during the show’s premiere with Salman Khan. Fortunately, after some time, Abhishek and Isha managed to settle their differences and agreed not to let their arguments escalate any further.

In a surprising turn of events, Abhishek began to suspect that Mannara had been given a secret task by Bigg Boss. Her mission is to decide the rooms for the other contestants, and if she succeeded, she would earn the coveted title of captain.

Bigg Boss couldn’t resist poking fun at Ankita, who made the mistake of speaking without her microphone. This small slip led to some light-hearted teasing from Bigg Boss.

In a candid moment, Bigg Boss declared his intentions for the season, openly declaring that he would be biased and would support those who added value to the show. He urged everyone to stay in the present moment.

Bigg Boss also reminded everyone to be true to themselves and not to rely on previous seasons as a guide.

As the show progressed Bigg Boss asked all the contestants about their houses Dil, Dimag and Dum:

  • Sonia: Dimag
  • Isha: Dil
  • Mannara: Dil
  • Ankita: Dil
  • Rinku: Dum
  • Abhishek: Dum
  • Munawar: Dum
  • Vicky: Dil
  • Navid: Dimag
  • Anurag: Dimag
  • Shetty: Dimag
  • Neil: Dil
  • Khanzadi: Dum
  • Prankbhai: Dum
  • Aishwarya: Dil

At 5 AM:

Abhishek opened up to Vicky about not knowing that Isha would be a part of the show. They reminisced about their past argument during the show, which happened in Salman Khan’s presence on stage. The other contestants joined in the discussion about the Isha-Abhishek fight, with some suspecting it might be a stunt.

Surprisingly, Isha and Abhishek appeared to have put their differences behind them, becoming more relaxed and at ease with each other as time passed.

Jina Vora shared her story about her arrest in 2011 and how she quickly rose to the top of her field. Her interview with an underworld figure just one week before that person’s death had cast suspicion on her.

Vicky initiated a light-hearted conversation with the contestants, touching on the issue of toilet hygiene, which brought some laughter and camaraderie among the participants.

The day began with everyone dancing to the Bigg Boss theme music, creating a lively atmosphere, and keeping them wide awake.

In the morning, Bigg Boss addressed the contestants and reminded them to stay in present in the moment and not dwell on the past. This was followed by a collective singing session of “Badal Gae Hai Din, Badal Gaye Jazbaat.”

At 2:30 PM:

Tensions rose in the kitchen as contestants began to argue about the house rules. Bigg Boss intervened, emphasizing the importance of not talking over each other or interrupting during discussions.

Sana Raees Khan was called into the archive room, where she was told that the contestants of Dimag will have the responsibility to frame the rules for the house and to ensure that the house ran smoothly.

Sana returned to the group and announced that all the Dimag house members would collectively decide and distribute the daily duties.

Bathroom cleaning duties were assigned to Abhishek, Tehelka, and Munawar.

In a candid moment, Navid questioned Abhishek about the kind of partner he would prefer, and Abhishek mentioned someone with qualities similar to Isha.

Navid then openly shared his own inclination, expressing interest in men and a desire to have children without getting married. He even mentioned that he found Abhishek attractive.

Bigg Boss revealed that Vicky was trying to persuade Abhishek to move to the Dil (emotional) house, possibly in place of Mannara.

Isha lost her cool and shouted at Mannara for her comment, “Iss ladki ko le jaa,” expressing her dissatisfaction with Mannara’s attitude.

In a surprising twist, Bigg Boss declared Rinku, Munawar, and Mannara as his personal favorites in the confession room as the episode came to an end.

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