Bigg Boss Hindi Highlights Season 17 Day 10 25.10.23: Munawar and Mannara Love Hate emotions

Bigg Boss Hindi written update 25.10.2023
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Aishwarya told Neil she didn’t want to talk to him and told him to let her play as she wanted.

Bigg Boss Hindi Highlights 25.10.2023

Mannara and Munnara were joking about Dal and made a rap song on the Dal.

Navid tired to push Abhishek in the pool, inturn Abhishek pushed Mannara and Navid both into the pool

Bigg Boss Hindi written update 25.10.2023

Tehelka Bhai spoke with Neil that he wanted to talk with him regarding his and Aiswarya’s argument in which Neil also participated and the discussion ended that there was some misunderstanding.

Bigg Boss Hindi written update 25.10.2023

Anurag said that the Dum house is the weakest among all the houses.

Bigg Boss Hindi Highlights 25.10.2023

Bigg Boss said that from now onwards only one house member will use the kitchen and then no other house can use the kitchen, each house will cook food for their house members only.

Bigg Boss Hindi Highlights 25.10.2023

The kitchen will open 3 hours for breakfast lunch and dinner and all the 3 house and to cook in those 3 hours only.

The fight started over the distribution of egg

The microwave burst when Isha put eggs for 6 mins.

Bigg Boss Hindi written update 25.10.2023

Sana taunts Abhishek that at least she doesn’t fight over eggs for footage.

Bigg Boss Hindi written updates 25.10.2023

Abhishek told Sana to that she is reacting because Vicky had told him to create a scene as 3 days are remaining for voting.

The gas was shut by Bigg Boss and Dil House could not cook their food so they told Dimag House that they had taken so much time to cook.

Mannara told Munawar that Ankita is a cunning and dominating person.

Mannara was disturbed because Ankita told Mannara her bacchi on which she was offended.

Mannara is feeling homesick and doesn’t want to talk to anyone she told Khanzaadi to stay away from her and find new friends.

The show ended.

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