Bigg Boss Hindi written update season 17 28.10.2023: 1st Elimination | 2 New Wild Card Entry

Isha Boyfriend Entered House as Wild Card
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Salman announced that Sohail and Arbaaz Khan will host the show on Saturday and Sunday and Salman Khan will host the show on Friday.

Bigg Boss Hindi written update 28.10.2023

Today is elimination day but Salman introduced wild card entry in the show.

1st Wild Card Entry of Bigg Boss Hindi Season 17

Manasvi Mangai was the 18th contestant in the show. Manasvi is a former Miss India and reputed model.

Salman asked Manasvi who are the cold contestants she told Tehelka and Arun and hot contestants she told Abhishek Anurag and Munawar.

Manasvi had a connection with Anurag as both are from Uttrakhand.

Arun said that Khanzaddi has less brain

Tehelka and Sana bhai told Abhishek should control his mouth

Soniya told Vicky pokes his nose in every matter

Anurag told Ankita should have control over her mouth

Manasvi told Munawar seems fake.

Salman called Karan Kundra and Mouni Roy into the show for promotion of the show Temptation Island

Karan organized a cold water dunk for Contestants.

Munawar gave a cold water face dunk to Mannara and Ankita

Vicky gave cold water face dunk to Isha and Khanzaddi.

Krishna entered as Dadi in the house and had some funny moments with all the participants.

1st Bigg Boss Hindi Season 17 Elimination

Sana and Soniya were the two who got the lowest votes

Bigg Boss asked all housemates to nominate one for elimination.

9 people voted for Sana to save out of 15 housemates

Soniya got the lowest votes and she got eliminated.

Isha’s Boyfriend Entered the House as a Wild Card Contestant

Bigg Boss called Isha and Abhishek into the Theatre house and showed emotional moments between Isha and Abhishek.

Then Bigg Boss called Samarth Jurel into the show as a wild card contestant.

Samarth was introduced into the show as the boyfriend of Isha.

On asking about Samarth, Isha introduced him to be his friend and not his boyfriend.

The show ended.

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