Bigg Boss Season 17 Episode 09 Highlights 24.10.23: Week 2 Nominations, House reshuffle

Bigg Boss Hindi elimination week 2
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Ankita told Munnawar that Mannara finds support in you.

Soniya told Anurag that Vicky never sits with Ankita and that is why Ankita is angry with him.

Everyone said that jab se Abhishek ko punishment mili hai, tab se there is no Ladai in the house.

Abhishek shouted to Isha that he is not concerned with any other person and he is not affected by 1% by any person in this house.

Bigg Boss Season 17 episode

Isha said that everyone thinks that she is making Abhishek mad.

Aishwarya, Ankita Vicky suggested Isha be away from Abhishek.

Bigg Boss said that now the restriction is taken back of not talking to Abhishek.

Bigg Boss also said that Isha was talking to Abhishek even after restrictions.

Bigg Boss said that he was wrong in allowing everyone to choose their own house.

Bigg Boss reshuffled the whole house after week 1

He reshuffled the house and brought Abhishek to Dil’s house along with Ankita Vicky Neil Aishwarya.

Bigg Boss sent Mannara to Dimag House along with Munawar Khanzaddi Navid Rinku Jigna.

He bought Anurag Arun Sunny Sana and Soniya in Dum house.

Arun was called by Bigg Boss and wished Happy Birthday by Bigg Boss.

Everyone like Mannara started taunting Isha and that now Isha and Abhishek could share the same bed.

House Structure in Week 2

House Contestants
House 1 – DilAnkita Vicky Neil Aishwarya Abhishek Isha
House 2 – DimagMunawar Mannara Khanzaadi Rinku Navid Jigna
House 3 – DumArun Anurag Sunny Sana Soniya

Bigg Boss calls everyone in house 2 i.e. Dimag in the archive room.

Bigg Boss said that Dimag people have access to all the unseen footage of all the rooms in this archive room

Bigg Boss called House 3 i.e. Dum and asked Sana to ask Sunny and Arun to bring a screen.

Bigg boss told Sana to nominate 8 people for elimination in week 2

They selected Munawar, Rinku, Navid, Abhishek, Khanzaddi, Isha, Neil, and Abhishek

Bigg Boss called Ankita in therepy room and told Dil House to save 2 people out of 8 people nominated by Dum House members

Vicky Ankita Abhishek Aishwarya Isha saves Isha and Abhishek

Now Bigg Boss gave the option to Dimag house people and told them to replace 3 people out of 6 selected by the house people and told Munawar to present them in front of everyone in the form of Mushaira.

Nomination for Week 2

Munawar presented Khanzaddi, Soniya, Neil, Aishwarya, Sana, and Tehelka for Elimination in week 2

Sana got Angry and Asked Apology

The house members of Dimag House gave duties to all the House members.

Sana asked for an apology from Khanzaadi for assigning duties to all other members when in Dimag’s house and not doing her own duty when she was in Dum’s house.

Tehelka misbehaved with Aishwarya by saying Phaad doonga on this Neil objected and warned Tehelka to behave properly.

The show ended.

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