Bigg Boss 17: Armaan Malik Youtuber and His wife did 2 Lakh shopping before the show.

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Salman Khan is making his comeback with ‘Bigg Boss 17‘, which premieres on October 15. Fans are very excited about the season. Now YouTuber Armaan Malik’s wife Payal is seen shopping before entering the Bigg Boss season 17.

armaan malik youtuber
armaan malik youtuber

Armaan Malik Youtuber will enter Bigg Boss 17 with wife Payal

Despite the fact that the official Bigg Boss participant list is yet unknown, rumors are circulating that Armaan Malik YouTuber, and his spouse Payal will be joining the house. They are both well-known on social media. The pair has made numerous appearances in music videos. His daily blog also helps him win over the audience’s hearts.

Armaan Malik married two wives before becoming well-known. Without divorcing Payal, Armaan married Kritika after first marrying Payal. Along with creating their theatrical videos, all three of them coexist harmoniously under one roof. In addition, Armaan and Payal had a son. In addition, both his wives got pregnant together. Zaid, Kritika’s son, was born after that.

Payel Malik Did Makeup Shopping worth 2 Lakh

On the Armaan Malik’s YouTube channel, a new video was posted. whereby Payal revealed that she had spent Rs 2 lakh on buying Makeup items. She purchased a lot of makeup and heels while shopping. While purchasing all these things, she remarked, that “it would be helpful later on”. Payal purchases a great deal these days. Many Fans are speculating that she is getting ready for Bigg Boss 17. While Payal and Armaan will be in Bigg Boss, Armaan’s 2nd wife Kritika will take care of all three children.

Payal Malik 2 lakh shopping

Who is Armaan Malik

Armaan Malik created his YouTube channel named ‘Fitness Family’ in 2017, where he posts daily vlogs and videos related to fitness. He has more than 12 million subscribers on this YouTube channel. He created another YouTube channel in 2020 with the name “Armaan Malik“, which has more than 3.5 million subscribers. He also has an Instagram Channel where he has more than 2 million followers. His original name is Sandeep and he used to work as a mason with his brother before he became a YouTuber.

Armaan Malik Family

Armaan Malik 2 wives Payal and Kritika

Armaan Mali is married to Payal and Kritika and all three live in the same home along with their 3 kids.

This kind of polygamous arrangement is not seen in Indian Society and is considered as Taboo, but their family is very comfortable about it and also has 3 kids.

First Marriage with Payal

Armaan Malik and Payal Malik (also known as Payal Sharma) got married in March 2011. Armaan met Payal for the first time in a bank where he used to go daily for official work and Payal used to work there as an accountant. They fell in love with each other and within seven days of meeting Payal, he ran away with her and married her. The two have a son named Chirayu Malik and Twins named Ayaan and Tuba Malik.

armaan malik and payal
armaan malik and payal

Second Marriage with Kritika

Payal Malik is a friend of Kritika Malik. In 2018, Armaan Malik met Kritika Malik (also known as Kritika Basra) for the first time, when Payal invited Kritika to her house. Armaan Malik married Kritika after six days of meeting her. The two have a son named Zaid Malik from their marriage.

armaan malik with kritika
armaan malik with kritika

Cars with Armaan Malik

Music Videos of Armaan Malik , Payal and Kritika Malik

In 2021 Armaan Malik released a Music Video along with Payal and Kritika Malik named “Mera Nai Hoya“, the video has been viewed more than 12 million times to date.

Music Video Mera Nai Hoya

In 2022 Armaan, Payal, and Kritika Malik were seen in a Music video named “Doli” which has more than 2.9 million views.

Doli Music Video

Properties and Businesses of Armaan Malik

Arman Malik is Health conscious and Owns a Gymnasium

He also owns a 3 BHK in Zirakpur, Punjab India

He has also recently bought a villa in 2023

Cars with Armaan Malik

jeep wrangler
Jeep Wrangler

Armaan Malik own:-

  1. Jeep Wrangler

2. Mahindra XUV 500

3. BMW X5

4. BMW X6

5. Mini Cooper

Facts about Armaan Malik

Real NameSandeep
DOB15 December 1988
HometownHisar, Haryana India
TatooOn the Bicep, Forearm, and wrist
Social WorkOn the Bicep, Forearm, and wrist
SiblingsOn the Bicep, Forearm and wrist
Music ShootHe Shot his Video “Mera Nai Hoya” in 18 Hours only
PetsPomeranian Dog Jimmy, Husky named Raja & Rani, Pitbull named Chippy

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